New Skool tattoos opened in 1999. providing another choice to clientele from the very few big name shops in the downriver area. Now as the years passed we are one of those recognizable name shops and we work to keep our customers happy and our reputation up for cleanliness, quality work and an extremely modern and unique looking shop. We have clientele from all over the world, traveling from all corners of the US just to get tattooed here. We even have loyal clients in Italy, Germany, Afghanistan, and beyond. Ask around and I am sure you'll hear our name brought up in a positive manor regarding tattoos.


Our needles are obviously single use and our supplies are always top of the line.

We use the best body jewelry possible, its a nickel negative implant grade steel that is allergen free.

All of our artists specialize in creating custom one of a kind designs unique to the client.

New Skool has been Featured in Detroit live magazine, mentioned on 89x radio for our level of steady quality, been on channel 4 news for winning "4 the best" in Detroit news for our high quality standards and winning "Michigan's best tattoo/piercing studio" we have been printed in multiple tattoo magazines, won many tattoo trophies from around the US including consecutive and numerous wins at Boston tattoo expo, Motor city tattoo expo and motor city nightmares.

Come in and talk to one of our artists, shop manager or receptionist. Any of us will be happy to assist you with any designing or questions you might have.

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